Everyone’s definition of romantic is different, but whether a round of golf, a spa day, a boat ride, or a vigorous hike is your definition, Lake Travis is a tucked away gem in Austin that caters to romance.

You and every tourist already know about Lake Austin (Lady Bird Lake), but did you know that the most beautiful and pristine part of the Colorado River system is actually Lake Travis?

There are endless romantic things to do around Lake Travis, so be different, avoid the Austin tourists, and tap into the stunning beauty the Texas hill country has to offer.

couple walking along the beach shore at sunset holding hands

Romance Can Be Deepened With Some Serious Adrenaline Rushes

Most people still think of dinner and a movie when they think of a date, but setting out on an adventure can be a meaningful way to bond with your partner.

Have you thought about a zip line, you little cupid? Lake Travis Zipline Adventures features the longest (and fastest!) zipline in Texas, and bookings come with a 3-hour guided tour so you can fly over the lake for the most memorable views possible. There’s a private beach so you can take a break or end your day in their picturesque hammocks.

There are plenty of outdoor activities like hiking or camping in the numerous parks, or the two (or three?!) of you can explore the lesser known (read: quieter) coves on Lake Travis.

You can even try out the budding flying surfboard (eFoil) phenomenon here! Mark Zuckerberg went viral for doing it, which means anyone can do it. Literally anyone. There’s even a cool company on Lake Travis that offers lessons.

The Fastest Way to Someone’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach

The old saying goes that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. No, not with a sword, don’t make it weird. We all love food, and Lake Travis offers some of the most amazing restaurants, distilleries, and breweries in all of central Texas, no matter your gender identity.

There are so many gorgeous options to choose from that you can make an entire day of it. Touring breweries, trying out jalapeño-infused margaritas, Texas twinkies (excuse me, but that’s bacon-wrapped jalapenos crammed full of cream cheese and brisket), or hanging out on giant swings at Planet Rock Distillery while sipping vodka from the source and watching chickens roam free. There’s something for everyone!

girl on a party boat during a romantic date in Lake Travis

Let’s Set Sail for Romance Island!

Okay maybe there isn’t an island here called “romance island,” and sailing is really intense and difficult, but you can have an extremely romantic time with your partner on a chartered boat with a captain.

We’re biased, but we think renting a boat is the most romantic option of all. It’s even a great way to propose to someone, wink wink (let us know when you book that it’s the plan and we’ll play it cool but help you get the timing and setting just right)!

Whether it’s a party barge for two or one of our boat rentals for a double or triple date, we know all of the quiet spots to sneak off to, and since our fleet always comes with top tier captains, you don’t have to learn nautical terms, risk dropping anchor in the wrong spot, or grounding the vessel altogether.

And because we’ve done this so many times, we offer you the five Fs of planning a date night on a boat:

  • Food – Light food is best, especially if it can be chilled in a cooler. Think charcuterie boards, salmon, and wine.
  • Flowers – Even though you’re on a boat, don’t forget flowers. Bring a weighted vase so it doesn’t tip or a thin vase and zip ties to secure along the rails or even fresh garlands for the rails.
  • Fashion – We have a full guide for what to wear to a boat party, but get creative – if it’s just the two of you and you want to squeeze into your ol’ prom gown, go for it and have fun!
  • Funk – Bring the funk, bring the noise – we have literally the most expensive sound system on the lake, so bring your playlist.
  • Photos – yes, it’s not the letter F, but alliteration is tough and we didn’t want to say “fotos”, okay? Regardless, a boat date is one of the most photogenic nights you’ll ever have – the scenery is perfect, and we all carry cameras in our pockets now, so put it to good use.
a romantic sunset at The Oasis in Lake Travis

Focus on the Stunning Views of Lake Travis

Being on a boat is our favorite view of the lake, but thousands flock to Lake Travis every year to see the view from the Oasis. The famous restaurant offers dozens of decks on the limestone cliffs and watching the sunset suddenly brings the entire hillside together as we all clap at the sun’s last rays peek over the hill country.

You can catch some live music while overlooking Lake Travis, but you can also swing by their brewery or on-site ice cream venue. Sure, it’s a little touristy, but sometimes it feels romantic to be in a crowd of people that are all there to appreciate natural beauty.

a couple having a romantic day at the Lakeway Resort and Spa
image courtesy of austintexas.org

Romance It up on a Fancy Day About the Lake

Did someone say “fancy day”!? You betcha – Lakeway Resort and Spa is phenomenal for a date night or an entire weekend getaway. It’s near wine tasting, golf courses, caves, and shopping.

The spa offers facials, peels, body scrubs, wraps, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage. “Sensory Direct” brings private dining right to your room in case you’re too… uh, busy… to hit up their restaurant, swim-up bar, or weekend coffee house.