These days, you don’t have to be a suspender-wearin’ fool with a handlebar mustache or an overly-devoted beer drinker to enjoy a perfectly hoppy IPA. There are so many Austin craft breweries that offer tours and tastings that you can pretend to be a tourist while enjoying local beer and learning about the brewing process at the same time.

As local Austinites ourselves, we decided to create a guide to the best breweries near Lake Travis, listed in order of their distance from the lake. Cheers!

craft beer being poured into an Infamous Brewing pint glass

Infamous Brewing Company

Infamous Brewing Company (0.0 miles – it’s just off shore!) – What do you get when you cross four beer geeks, a whole bunch of handmade equipment they put together themselves over nine months, and some of the best hops this side of the Mississippi River? Infamous Brewing, of course!

It’s one of the few dog-friendly breweries in the Texas hill country, and the nearby food truck will keep you around for hours, sipping on their cream ale, or if you’re brave, their ultra thick peanut stout.

a romantic sunset at The Oasis in Lake Travis

Oasis Texas Brewing Company

Oasis Texas Brewing Company (0.0 miles – it’s also just off shore) – You may simply think of the Oasis as the place where tourists flock to take selfies with the sunset, but it’s so much more than that. You can snag a quality craft brew on the same property (and still get some sunset views).

There is live music, shareable foods you can order, but the highlight is their Luchesa Lager which is truly one of the best lagers you’ll ever try. Truly.

Front Yard Brewing

Front Yard Brewing (14.8 miles) – Is it just us or does this location feel like we’re in an Instagram influencer’s feed? It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the “frontyard” is filled with relaxing chairs, yard games, and has a very family-friendly vibe.

Plus, who in Texas can pass up a 9.1% Rye IPA? Not us, that’s who.

the Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs Texas building

Family Business Beer Company

Family Business Beer Company (18.6 miles) – With a tagline like “around beer, you’re family,” how can you not feel immediately welcomed into a stunning 15-acre, family-owned brewery? They insist that you bring your family to “meet” theirs, and their big playscape is proof of that offer.

If you prefer a pale beer, we urge you to try their drool-inducing Hamilton Pale (get it? Because they’re at Hamilton Pool!?), and take a few six-packs of cans home with you.

Outside patio area of Fitzhugh Brewing during the evening

Fitzhugh Brewing

Fitzhugh Brewing (18.7 miles) – If we could encapsulate the feeling of comfort of our own back yard, then put a designer spin on it, we’d have The Fitzhugh. Soaring oak trees lined with swinging bulbs set the tone for the casual food and ultra cold craft beers.

It’s not made for beer experts, it’s made for the rest of us – never pretentious, this spot is craft brew meets a kind touch.

Austin Beerworks Tap Room

Austin Beerworks Tap Room (19.0 miles) – This award-winning brewery is a name you probably recognize – their product lines the walls of HEBs and every liquor store within driving distance.

Every time we head out, the RAD Labs menu is different (“Research And Development” – clever, right?!). You get to vote with your order and it’s how they test out future products. We love their fall “Gourdgeous” brew, a pumpkin spiced ale, but remain devoted to their Megaflora Juicy DIPA.

They’ll give you samples if you want to compare seasonal or experimental brews out first (do it!).

Jester King Brewery

Jester King Brewery (20.9 miles) – Let’s be honest – if you’re from anywhere near Austin, if someone says they’re going to visit a brewery, you probably thought they meant Jester King, it’s just a reflex in these parts.

They have amazing food and beer, but if that’s not enough, the rows and rows of picnic tables may lead to a cat or dog encounter, and you can even meet some goats. GOATS! We met a pygmy baby goat there once and debated how to get away with hiding it in a bag or something (don’t worry, we didn’t). Lots of famous musicians have performed on the 165 acre ranch, and with so many different creative brews on tap, you’ll definitely visit again and again.

If you want to get in on some goat time, be sure to take the tour where you’ll also learn about the brewing process (did we mention the baby goats, though?).

Outside view of the 12 Fox Beer Co building

12 Fox Beer Co

12 Fox Beer Co (26.2 miles) – What we absolutely adore about this brewery is that it’s all about the quality of their craft, without being intimidating.

They proclaim that their brews are “meticulously crafted small-batch brews,” and they offer “High-quality European master crafted beer.” If that means nothing to you, just kick back and order an ice-cold Blurred Fox (their hazy IPA which highlights flavors of passion fruit with hints of grapefruit, peach, and pineapple), then thank us later, deal?

And don’t leave without taking a selfie with the fox mural.

Outside view of the Twisted X Brewing Company building

Twisted X Brewing Company

Twisted X Brewing Company (27.2 miles) – This brewpub offers a sick barrel-aged black lager AND a hazy IPA called MacConauhaze, so you already know by that info that it’s goin’ down in Dripping Springs.

Take a shortcut and get a flight, so you can devour a variety of their hand-crafted creations. Their brewery has a hometown vibe with wooden picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and this crazy-big cauldron slash lifted fire pit.

You’ve seen them on social media where they’re famous for the #HillCountryCrafted hashtag, so it’s time to come see ‘em in person!

We encourage you to map out a brewery crawl, or try to hit up a different brewery each month!

There is a tremendous diversity of offerings around the hill country, from upscale to down home, some offering food or brewery tours, others allowing you to BYOM (bring your own meat) for the grill, some with a view of sprawling ranch lands, others with a Lake Travis sunset view.

Whether you like hops or cider, this town has what you’re looking for, so bring the family (and sometimes the dogs) and make a day of it!