Spring Break in Austin, Texas, is one of the most memorable you’ll ever have, and not just because you were too wasted at Padre last year to remember that you fell asleep in a portapotty. Again.

The Texas hill country is badass for a day trip and perfect for thrill seekers, foodies, and nature enthusiasts alike (and yes, looking at nature without climbing it counts).

There are so many things to do in Austin during spring break, and while there is plenty of family fun to be had, we’re going to focus on enjoying this town in party mode.

The truth is that there are a lot of adult things to do in Austin during spring break, but some of the attractions here have to be slightly manipulated into being a party (and we’ll tell you how).

Most of all, just don’t act like a tourist, and you’ll be fine. Deal?

people partying at devils code at lake travis with several party boats tied together

Rent a Party Barge on Lake Travis

Granted, we are extremely biased, but renting a party barge on Lake Travis and heading out to tie up with hundreds of other boats at Devil’s Cove during Spring Break is the best way to party it up. You can drink, dance, float, swim, meet other spring breakers, and have a wild time.

We have the most luxurious fleet of party boat rentals on Lake Travis and we’ve invested the most in our sound systems, so you’ll be the most noticeable group at Devil’s Cove when you pull up in a captained boat with a slide, just sayin’.

After recovering from a day or two partying at Devil’s Cove, we recommend spending the day having fun OVER Lake Travis. How?

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures has the longest zip line in all of Texas, and there’s nothing quite like flailing down the line screaming, then heading to the nearest local brewery or distillery and acting like you were the bravest big boy in all of the land!

live music being played at sxsw in austin texas

Go to SXSW (South by Southwest)

If you’re able to get a badge for the internationally acclaimed festival for film, music, comedy, and technology, do it.

SXSW (or “Southby” as locals call it) is where hundreds of thousands of people flock every spring from around the world. We’ve published an entire SX guide for you.

It’s over 10 days of diverse and innovative programming featuring film screenings, music showcases, panel discussions, and interactive exhibitions. The SXSW Interactive festival is a hub for tech enthusiasts, while the SXSW Film festival showcases international and independent films.

The SXSW Music festival is one of the largest and most influential live music events in the world, featuring established and up-and-coming artists across various genres. With trade shows, networking events, and parties galore, SXSW is where industry professionals, creatives, and music lovers converge to discover new ideas, trends, and breakthroughs in the arts, technology, and culture.

And if you make it to SXSW, be sure to follow @TheFreeNoms, they are usually the best way to find out who is giving away all of that free food (and more importantly, drinks)!If badges are too expensive or sold out, there are also endless ways to enjoy live music in Austin – here are the 8 venues that we locals adore.

View of Zilker Park in Austin Texas

The Secret to Partying at Zilker Park

Oh, Zilker Park, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

First off, you’re just *so* beautiful. With all that greenery and wide-open space, it’s like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. And don’t even get me started on the recreational activities. Hiking, biking, frisbee, kayaking, swimming… it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book for outdoor enthusiasts.

But wait, there’s more! Zilker Park has fantastic cultural attractions, like the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, the Austin Nature & Science Center, and the Zilker Botanical Gardens. It’s like a whole world of wonder in one park.

Zilker also has one of the most famous swimming holes in Texas – Barton Springs Pool which is a natural spring-fed pool, popular for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. The water temperature stays around 68-70°F year-round and you can lounge in the limestone shallows or dive into the deep end. It’s not like a square pool, you’re swimming in part of the river system and there are lifeguards.

This all sounds incredible, but not very party-esque, we know, so we wanted to share with you OUR secret to partying at Zilker Park (legally, of course).

The best way is to Uber from wherever you’re staying to Chuy’s on Barton Springs Road for lunch because the food is great, and they’re famous for margaritas for good reason… get a little buzzed, then Uber over to Zilker Park to race each other in massive open fields, go slide down a slide without any kids on it, jump into Barton Springs.

Then, keep the party going at The Picnic – where nearby food trucks gather and you can snag some lobster, a burger, gelato, or Thai food. But most of all, spend a day responsibly acting like a kid again and running wild. It’s a blast, we promise!

Keep the Water Theme Going

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Head out to the edge of town to Hamilton Pool Preserve, one of the most photogenic spots in the entire state – a natural pool oasis that boasts a lush grotto and a magnificent 50-foot waterfall, perfect for exploring and swimming. Just remember to make your reservation in advance, as this hidden gem fills up quickly and charges an entry fee for each vehicle.

This is the best natural swimming in the area and feels like you’re at Jurassic Park minus the flesh-ripping dino dangers.

Lady Bird Lake (Lake Austin)

Lady Bird Lake (also known as Lake Austin or Town Lake) is also a fabulous spring break hotspot.

We recommend driving or taking a rideshare to The Rowing Dock and renting kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or a mix of both for your crew. They have the best options and have an actual dock so you can climb into/onto your craft, and they’ll help if you need them to.

For beginners, we recommend kayaks, but if you choose the stand-up paddle boards, just remember that if you feel imbalanced, you can just sit down. To party it up this way, bring some snacks, hydration, waterproof bluetooth speakers, and chill while you put the BREAK in spring break.