Lake Travis swimming is hands down the best part of Central Texas (sorry UT sports, but it’s true), and we have the swimming holes to prove it. Whether you’re looking to cliff dive, swim in a cavern, or float like a lazy bum, LT’s got it.

It gets extremely hot in the summer, and Lake Travis swimming is the cure. We even have mild winters that allow for a dip here and there. And unlike some other areas in Texas (like Lake Austin which is often illegal to swim in), Lake Travis is safe to swim in, especially if you understand the terrain.

This particular lake is part of the Colorado River system and is man-made. It’s over 200 feet deep at its deepest point, and Lake Travis water is some of the cleanest and clearest in the region. Because of that, there are fascinating scuba diving spots set up with attractions to practice and become certified.

Most of the swimming in Lake Travis is done on the shore which is carved out of limestone, not sand. That means it can be slippery on the rocks, and there might be shells that truly want to slice your feet open, so just wear watersocks or shoes if you’re on shore, champ!

But if you’re swimming offshore near a boat, you’ll want general safety awareness, but there aren’t dangers like gators or stray divers in the deeps. We don’t recommend swimming off of the docks here due to boat traffic, and boat ramps can be busy too, so stay in the marked safe zones.

If you want to know where to swim in Lake Travis, each of our favorite swimming spots are outlined below - we’d love to know which ones you haven’t tried yet!

1. Bob Wentz Park at Windy Point

Bob Wentz Park is a local favorite for swimming with the fam – so much so that it’s packed on weekends, so we recommend showing up earlier than you plan on getting in (they charge by the number of vehicles, so try to combine parties to save $10). But on weekdays? Wide open.

Because only non-motorized watercrafts can be launched from this park, and because it’s near the dam, it’s popular for swimming since the risk of wakes is lower than some other parts of Lake Travis. You can launch canoes, kayaks, windsurfing craft, or scuba gear.

There are some covered picnic tables and BBQ pits but because they’re limited, we always recommend bringing a blanket to picnic on, ice chests, and foods that don’t have to be cooked.

Map link to Bob Wentz Park.

2. Volente Beach

If you’re one of those folks who likes a winding lazy river to float around, and taking the family to a private waterpark with Lake Travis beach front, Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark is your best bet.

Volente was the first beach to bring in sand on Lake Travis, and remains the only waterpark in the area. There is a fairly nice restaurant where you can enjoy food cooked by someone else and drinks made by someone else. Nice.

Swim up bars? Check. Beach area? Check. Swim area? Check. Giant twisty slides? Check. Sand volleyball court? Check. This place has everything for all ages and is a hit with locals and visitors alike.

Map link to Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark.

3. Hamilton Pool Preserve

Swimming in Lake Travis is a gift from heaven, no doubt, but if you’re willing to point your car a little bit west, you can show up to one of the most stunning, picturesque swimming holes in all of Texas – Hamilton Pool Preserve.

In high season, they require reservations, so check before you head out, and know that you’re going to hike nearly 1500 feet to get to the water. It’s gorgeous, but it can be a bummer if you don’t know that in advance.

If you’re looking for a swimming hole that you plan on photographing and blasting all over social media, this is IT. Look no further, it’s gorgeous!

Map link to the Hamilton Pool Preserve.

4. Mansfield Dam Park

Once upon a time, if you lived anywhere near Lake Travis, there wasn’t a bridge south of Mansfield Dam, no, you had to drive all the way at the top of the dam which is so narrow that two golf carts barely fit. But semi trucks were allowed, and the speed limit was 50 mph. It was a different time.

Now, you don’t drive on it, you can’t even walk on the dam, but just next to the dam is the Mansfield Dam Park, this amazingly Texan spot perfect for camping or daytripping and enjoying picnic areas. They’re famous for panoramic views of Lake Travis, but we also love the activities – playground, horseshoe pits, and even chess tables.

Map link to Mansfield Dam Park.

5. Pace Bend Park

Pace Bend Park is down the river a bit, but is the absolute go-to place if you plan on climbing, mountain biking, hiking the cliff trails, enjoying sports courts, and of course camping.

There is a well known boat ramp at Pace Bend, so it’s popular for folks that have their own watercraft. But our favorite part is that when we’re not in drought conditions, the cliff diving is incredible. This is a dream for folks that thrive on outdoor activities.

Map link to Pace Bend Park.

6. Hippie Hollow

No discussion about Lake Travis swimming is complete without mentioning Hippie Hollow. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to this beloved swimming spot, but what’s most important to know is that it’s a nude beach. A rocky clothing-optional beach.

The swimming area is fabulous because there is a widely roped off area where boats can’t enter, and you can sit in the shallows or even swim out a bit – there’s a dropoff at the edge, you’ll see it.

But no funny business. There are on-site restrooms, but there is also a patrol making sure no one’s up to funny business. Just come sun your junk and be a grown up about it, k?

Map link to Hippie Hollow.

7. Devil’s Cove

Look, when people say they partied on Lake Travis, they probably meant that they hopped on a boat, tied up with other boats on Devil’s Cove and got loud. It’s a blast. We’re famous for it.

We’ve compiled a massive guide for folks wanting to hit up Devil’s Cove. But we’ve also crafted a list of the quieter coves to visit while boating on Lake Travis, especially while swimming. But not all coves have shores you can access – there is a lot of private land and ranches in the area, so be cautious. But if you’re smart, you can see deer and cattle from those coves, and maybe a raccoon if you’re nice!

Devil’s Cove is literally the most fun party you can have on the lake, and people charter our fleets all the time to safely be a part of the action, all while having a professional boat captain taking care of the navigation so you can live that White Claw life, friend.

Map link to Devil’s Cove.