Have you really lived in or visited Austin if you haven’t seen a Lake Travis sunset? Absolutely not.

But we won’t revoke your Austin card quite yet – there are four places we urge you to put on your bucket list for sunset watching.

sunset at the Oasis in Lake Travis

1. On the Cliffs With Hundreds of People

Dubbed the Sunset Capital of Texas, we suspect that The Oasis has more cliffside patio dining square feet per capita than any other spot in America. Don’t quote us on that, but go visit and you’ll understand why – the entire cliff has endless patios up and down for perfect views of Lake Travis.

You’ll want to try their margaritas or beer (brewed on-site), and hit up their ice cream shop, but most of all, we insist that you plan to visit during sunset hours. There’s a bell that rings as the last slice of day glides behind the limestone hills, everyone claps, and we all share one glorious moment. It’s a memorable experience for all.

Here’s how to get to The Oasis at 6550 Comanche Trail.

Lake Travis view of the sunset
image courtesy of flickr.com/photos/webmink/2702409725/

2. On the Open Waters With Friends or Fam

Color us biased, but we think the absolute best way to catch a Lake Travis sunset is on a party barge on the open waters, everyone wearing swimsuits, favorite drink in hand, celebrating the end of an eventful day. This way, you have full control on getting the best views of Lake Travis and view of the sunset, plus the drinks are less expensive if they’re from your ice chest, and you have full control over the music.

You can always find a fun boat rental on Lake Travis, but it could be some dude’s patched up houseboat he lives in. Alternatively, just hire Lone Star Party Boats Lake Travis – we have the highest quality fleet, best sound systems on the water, and ultra professional captains (our owner is a former firefighter/EMT, so we don’t mess around).

sunset view from a secret spot in Lake Travis
image courtesy of goo.gl/maps/qau1roM5eKapJ5WS9

3. The Secret Spot (Shh!)

Look, most folks know to pile up and watch the sunset at The Oasis, but just around the bend is our little secret spot, high up in the hills with the perfect view of the lake (and even Sometimes Island).

If it’s not a Sunday when services are going on, it’s never frowned on for you to bring a picnic and load up in the back of the truck or SUV and watch the sunset from St. Luke’s on the Lake. It’s an Espicopal church and when the parking lot is empty, they don’t run folks off that are behaving with kindness.

Bring the fam for an extremely unique (and totally free) way to catch a beautiful sunset!

Here’s how to get to our secret spot.

sunset view from Pace Bend Park
image courtesy of flickr.com/photos/mcalderon/7737636186

4. Out in Nature

If your goal of catching amazing sunsets includes enjoying the stars, you’ll want to get a little further out on the lake and go camping at Pace Bend Park. It’s so far from the city that you can actually see thousands of stars with your own eyes. Isn’t that one of the biggest bonuses of watching a sunset – the night?

You can jump off of a cliff into the water, go hiking and see some deer and maybe raccoons (don’t touch or feed the wildlife), and set up camp on the east side of the park where there are 20 campsites that have electricity and restrooms.

Here’s how to get to Pace Bend Park.

5. Bonus Sunset Viewing

There are tons of places to catch a stunning sunset in Austin – our favorite is watching the sunset on Lake Austin from Mount Bonnell, the highest point in the city with a great view of the hill country.

Wherever you choose to enjoy a stunning Lake Travis sunset, it’ll be unforgettable!