As Lake Travis boat company owners with the most rare luxury fleet on the lake, we are often asked by first timers what to expect. It’s always difficult to answer because every outing is unique, but there are a few threads of commonality we often share with them.

One of those threads is this most amazing feeling of watching the sunset on Lake Travis from a party boat, after a long memorable day with friends and family. That special moment is like a deep, well earned sigh where you’re both exhausted from swimming in the sun, yet finally relaxed and no longer sucking in your belly to impress anyone.

While there are so many ways to enjoy a day on Lake Travis, one of the best is renting a party boat for a private day with friends and/or family, allowing someone else to captain and worry about safety protocols.

two groups of people having fun on lily pads during the party boat trip on lake travis

We love going fishing in the secret coves on Lake Travis, we love taking companies out for a day of fun, and we even love the untethered joy of taking a bachelor or bachelorette party out to Devil’s Cove. But we also feel a deep sense of honor when a group asks us to take them out to spread ashes or memorialize a loved one.

Lake Travis is known for watersports, so there is a lot of activity on the water, but folks also travel from around the world to camp along the shores at the numerous sites. People come here to hike, fish, zip line, hit up a water park, or go bar hopping along the shores (again, another reason you want a designated driver for your boat rental).

Lake Travis is known for a unique blend of relaxation and partying, given which shore you’re visiting, so it has something for everyone, even a clothing-optional beach.

Equally Unique Is the Experience in Renting a Lake Travis Party Boat

Choosing the right party boat rental company can be difficult, and we always recommend reading online reviews – Google is currently the most popular review site in this area.

Some things to be looking for when selecting a company:

Experienced Staff

Is there a team of well trained captains with safety training, or is it some random dude trying to sucker you out of your money for taking you out on his personal houseboat which is a 1983 honker with barely welded metal plates holding it together? Worse, is it a boat you have to figure out on your own?

If you don’t have a captain, do you know what to do if a nose cone hits rocks, or which battery to check if the boat stalls in open waters? Do you know local laws like the requirement to take a boater’s education course for any craft operating more than 15 horsepower, or how many lifejackets are required for each vessel size?

Just hire a party boat with a captain that knows all of these answers, it’s much easier and less risky.

Quality of the Fleet

Again, some rentals are pretty janky, so don’t just look at the pictures, find their Instagram account or seek out pictures others have taken of the actual boats.

Do they have descriptions of the boats and is that a match to the pictures? Do they have any upgrades? Those that do will spell it out in great detail. Here’s a great example of good descriptions.

Sound System

If you intend on vibin’ on the lake, you’ll want music. Read on their site about what systems they have on board. Is it an old boom box from some dude’s parent’s house, or is it a fully upgraded system that can create ripples in the water?

Companies that have invested in this feature for you typically offer details on their site about it.

Extras Offered

There is a big difference between a glorified canoe and a luxury party boat fleet, so read their site for extras that are offered. For example lily pads everyone can float on, or ice chests so you don’t have to carry them to the docks.

Do they have water slides? Are you allowed to jump off of the boat into the water based on the structure offered? What about lifejackets?

Reservation System

Let’s be honest, a lot of rental boats here are running on vacation time and owners were attracted to the water for the laid back feeling, and this means that reservations might be taken by pencil and paper when you call in.

Stick to companies that offer online reservation systems so you don’t arrive on your date and find the boat is already on the water with a different group.

Hands down, a Lake Travis boat rental is the best way to experience all that LT has to offer. So why wait? Book a Lake Travis boat rental and experience all that this beautiful lake has to offer!