While a lot of events on Lake Travis are typically reserved for the adult crowd because of the booze factor, there are plenty of activities that are family friendly here!

Local families have been engaged in creating memories on Lake Travis for decades, and we would like to share 9 of our favorite Lake Travis kid activities with you.

Volente Beach & Resort Waterpark in Leander, Texas

1. Volente Beach & Resort Waterpark

We’ll start with the most obvious family friendly activity in all of the land – Volente Beach & Resort Waterpark. This place was designed from day one to attract families like yours with winding spiral slides, a kid-friendly obstacle course, a pirate-themed play area for the smaller kiddies, a water ride, and other activities.

But they also keep parents in mind, offering an “adults only” swim-up tiki bar for when you need a little break from sweet Zachary who wants to go down the bigger spiral slide for the 80th time, screaming the Paw Patrol theme song every. single. time. Let his teen sister endure it for an hour while y’all unwind, it’s totally okay.

And what we love about Volente is that you don’t have to BYOB or picnic, because Beachside Billy’s restaurant is open and has food that’s actually good (that’s rare for waterparks, and you know it).

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures in Travis County

2. Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

What if I told you that you could hop on to the longest and fastest zipline in Texas and it feels like your soul has temporarily left your body, but only for a second, and it is really exciting? It’s possible at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures which has a total of five different ziplines, and the zippiest unbeatable views around.

If you want to feel like a bird for a bit and get a literal bird’s eye view of the gorgeousness of Lake Travis, this is your best bet. And best of all, if your kid weighs 70 pounds, they’re good to go. They even offer guided tours so you can spend the entire afternoon flying over canyons and maybe spotting a raccoon or possum, or seeing schools of fish from above.

And no, you cannot dive into the lake from the zipline (trust us on this one).

3. Austin Pedal Kayaks

If you’ve lived in Austin more than five minutes, you’ve probably kayaked on Lady Bird Lake (or Lake Austin as veteran locals call it). But have you ever tried to pedal kayak on Lake Travis? Or stand up paddle board in the Hurst Creek arm of Lake Travis?

Austin Pedal Kayaks offers paddle boards, traditional kayaks, and pedal kayaks so you can float to your heart’s content. Everyone wears life vests, and some models are two-seaters so the kiddos can join in on the fun. It’s a really unique way to experience the lake, but don’t forget water and sunscreen – the summer sun here can be pretty brutal.

Family posing together on a family-friendly party boat in Lake Travis, Texas

4. Rent a Captained Boat

Sometimes letting someone else worry about the details can be a relief, and call us biased, but a few hours on an ultra clean double decker vessel, manned by a professional captain, can be a meaningful way to reconnect with the fam.

And we’ll share a pro tip with you – the best deals are on off-days like Mondays and Thursdays, so bring some snacks and let us show you the prettiest parts of Lake Travis that some other charter companies aren’t even aware of.

Our competitors are often hobbyists, but we’re a professional company with a high quality fleet and a stellar reputation we’re proud of.

5. Pace Bend Park

Pace Bend Park is nine sprawling miles of shoreline that offers the perfect backdrop to a family hike, some quality fishing, and even camping. There are areas designated specifically for swimming, and quiet hours are enforced so if you reserve one of their 20 campsites, they aren’t filled with parties, and you and the kiddos can actually sleep after a long day on the lake.

This giant park offers two main boat ramps (one on the west side, one on the east side), and they allow canoes and small unmotorized craft to be launched from any beach and we love that there is staff on site that can make recommendations about where the best place for each type of activity is – they know best!

Kids having fun at Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures in Texas

6. Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures

Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior, and those athletes jump all over the place and challenge their bodies to complex obstacle courses? Well there’s a real life setup similar to that on Lake Travis – yes, the whole thing floats on the lake and it has slides, climbing walls, and tons of challenges.

The Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures courses are set for kids aged 7 and up, and the only catch is that they have to be 45 inches tall.

One of the more creative activities for families around, we also love that there are lounge chairs and hammocks on shore so anyone that gets tuckered out can hit pause for a bit while everyone else gets their wigglies out, pretending to be ninja warriors!

Arial view of the Lakeway Resort and Spa pool and facilities

7. Lakeway Resort and Spa

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Lakeway Resort and Spa is a great family getaway because there’s something for everyone. It has three huge swimming pools, recreational amenities, and a full-service spa to pamper anyone in need of that kind of attention.

The idea of a day or weekend of pampering and pool laziness is universally appealing and while your teen boy might not want a manicure, who can resist virgin daiquiris by the pool? Sometimes getting drunk on the lake is fun, but taking the family for a fancier weekend can also be just what you need.

8. Windy Point

Windy Point Park is a Lake Travis classic, and is also called Bob Wentz Park at Windy Point. There is a pavilion that can be rented, but this spot is best for folding chairs and picnics on the shore. It’s one of the most economical times you can have on the Lake and so long as the kids have on water shoes (it’s rocky, even in the water), and you’ll see plenty of families here making memories.

The premise here is simply that you park your car and spread out down at the shore. It’s a great place to watch fireworks on the 4th of July, and is a hotspot for folks that like to keep it simple, especially families.

9. The Oasis

This expansive complex is comprised of The Oasis on Lake Travis (Tex-Mex restaurant), the Oasis Brewing Company (craft brewery which has even more sunset views) a gift shop, an ice cream shop, and even a crepe shop.

People flock from around the globe to snag one of the bajillion spots on their endless cliffside patios and watch the sunset, clapping in unison as the last glow of the sun falls behind the Texas hills.

It’s kind of a Lake Travis cliché, but that is for good reason – it’s a huge part of experiencing the fullness of Lake Travis.

Whatever adventure you choose, we are lucky to have you on the lake with us - it’s a gorgeous paradise nestled in the Hill Country and you’re going to make some great memories with the kids!