Lake Travis is the gem of the Hill Country, attracting people from around the globe who want to experience the beauty and vibe the lake has to offer.

Most people flock to Devil’s Cove because it is famously the pinnacle of lake party life (and trust us, it’s the most fun you can have on water), but sometimes you want a more chill vibe, or you’re hiring us because you want an upscale water event, or a private day.

Our competitors will typically just tell you Devil’s Cove is the best and ignore your specific needs. We know better.

We can take you to any of these more private coves that are typically only known by the locals. Each has their own feel and function, and because we’re pros, you won’t have to worry about knowing the proper depths to drop anchor or how close to the cliffs you can be, and so forth.

Check Out These 6 Hush-Hush Coves for a Chill Day, and a Bonus 7th Location, Just for You.

1. Little Devil’s Hollow on Lake Travis

If you want to be near the action but not exactly in the thick of it, Little Devil’s Hollow is a great alternative nearby. It’s a smaller cove and our captains know to just turn left at the split for a quieter spot.

This is also a great cove to know about for when you’ve already spent time at Devil’s Cove and are ready to split off, but aren’t ready to hop off of the boat yet. We’ve got you!

2. Cypress Creek Arm of Lake Travis

There’s an arm of Lake Travis that ends in a cove, lined by cliffs. When the conditions are right, cliff jumping is popular here, it’s also where you’ll see the famous Lake Travis zip lining, you can park to witness the free sunset that people pay good money to cheer about at The Oasis, and you might even see a wedding on top of a cliff along this cove. It’s that beautiful.

3. Cow Creek Arm of Lake Travis

Off the beaten path, this portion of the Lake is the heartbeat of nature observing lovers as it is lined by the Balcones Canyonlands, a national wildlife refuge.

As the Instagrammer said, they don’t call it Cow Creek for nothin’! Because it’s not one of the wild party spots, you might actually get to enjoy the glassy still waters only typically known to the locals.

4. Sandy Creek Arm of Lake Travis

If fishing or camping or playing with your dogs are your jam, spend the day at the Sandy Creek Arm of Lake Travis, which is capped by the 92-acre Sandy Creek Park, perfect for hiking and even overnight camping.

Most of the folks in this cove are all about experiencing nature, not just looking at it. And even if that’s not your plan, it’s definitely less packed than many of the other coves, so it’s perfect for more personal events.

This cove is home to Starnes Island (aka Monkey Island) where it’s 60’ deep off of the cliffs in some spots, so jumpers flock to this spot all summer.

5. Hurst Creek Arm of Lake Travis

This cove is a favorite of locals and butts up to both the Hamilton Greenbelt and the Lakeway City Park. It’s not the quietest cove, but it’s one of the most gorgeous spots on Lake Travis.

Locals know that all year round, you can pull right up to Sundancer Grill and snag a burger, or a boatload (pun intended) of their truffle tater tots which are to die for (but don’t – we still need to get you back to shore).

6. Rough Hollow

The Rough Hollow cove was the big party spot on Lake Travis in the 80s and 90s, but they lost the crown to Devil’s Cove, so it transformed into an upscale spot with massive custom homes.

If you’re wanting the private yacht vibe, this is your cove. You can’t bump EDM through Rough Hollow, but you can see some gorgeous houses and really really REALLY nice boats while floating through.

7. Sometimes Island

It’s not a cove, but we thought we’d toss in this attraction which ONLY exists when water levels are just low enough that the island emerges. Lake Travis can go years without seeing this feature, right off of Mansfield Dam, and it’s visible from The Oasis, but when it pops up, folks love swinging for a peek up close.

It’s technically part of the lake (not the shore), so there’s nothing to do there except stand with the American flag someone put there randomly with a busted up chair, but it’s pretty fun to visit when conditions allow. If you’re into nerdy history stuff, KUT did a cool bit on Sometimes Island – definitely worth a listen.

We know these coves like the back of our hand and can suit the specific vibe you’re seeking. We look forward to taking you out on the lake to the coves of your choice - book your Lake Travis boat rental now!