There’s nothing better or easier than throwing a birthday party on a boat, and we’ve got the proof!

This year, don’t let Drunk Aunt Nancy ruin your birthday by squishing into a too-tight dress and sobbing and making a scene when the waiter doesn’t want her number. Again.

Not only does a birthday on a boat avoid all of that drama, but we also have 4 other reasons why you should consider celebrating your birthday on a party boat.

family posing together during their kids birthday party on a party boat at lake travis

1. Birthday Party on a Boat Means Letting Someone Else Do the Hard Work

Look, some people enjoy putting together a spreadsheet of caterers, floral, musicians, decor, chair rentals, food preferences, seating charts, venues, and the like, but for a birthday party, renting a party boat on Lake Travis nixes all of that.

You don’t have to put up streamers or balloons, because nature has already done all of the decorating for you. And if you avoid the janky rentals on Lake Travis and stick with our luxury fleet, the only hard work you have to do is get invitations out and bring snacks and drinks (we even have coolers already on board so you don’t have to lug them from the car).

All you have to do is vet the captained boat options so you have someone in charge of designated driving and of safety, while y’all just float on a Lily Pad in bliss, bellies out, beer cans in hand.

2. Friends and Family Will Be Impressed

Whether it’s your birthday, or you’re hosting for someone else, no one forgets a good time on a party barge. No one.

The new granite on your kitchen island is neat and all, and we know you want to show it and your new couch off to everyone, but compared to sliding off of a second story boat slide, that’s straight up boring. Deep down, you know it’s true. You don’t have to impress anyone with a Lambo rental or new shoes, just hop on a boat!

We know Lake Travis like the back of our hands, so if your vibe is quiet and relaxing, we know the secret coves to take you to. But if you want us to turn our sound system up and tie up at Devil’s Cove, we can get the music as embarrassingly loud as you want (and we know the legal limits). Let us help you impress your crowd.

3. Guess What? You Can Still Hide Your Body!

Renting a boat might make you worry that everyone will see your body, and if you’re Of A Certain Age, it might be a little plumpy or lumpy and that might scare you.

Very few people feel excited about tossin’ on a bikini and bouncing around a boat, most of us are either thicker or thinner than we want to be, and it can be nerve-wracking.

If that’s you, a great alternative is shorts and a t-shirt over a bathing suit. Bonus points for having themed shirts before your party so you can say “there’s no way I’m taking off the party shirt, you shouldn’t either!” then act like they’re the weird ones for being nearly naked in public.

4. A Boat Party Birthday Can Be for All Ages, Even Kiddos!

We have hosted tons of hilariously fun kids’ boat parties – there’s nothing more entertaining than watching a handful of nine-year-olds dancing to Taylor Swift and giggling while they think they’re such grown-ups at a fun grown-up party.

Boat parties are also a great way to include the kids in a family party, and they’ll have more fun and feel more included than being at a restaurant where they have to sit still and listen to Aunt Nancy drunkenly slur about international politics.

Fun is important, but safety is critical. Our boats always have the proper number of lifejackets, there is always a first aid kid on site, and we don’t play around with safety – our founder is a former EMT, so we don’t cut corners.

No matter your goals, celebrate your birthday party on a boat, and you’ll win!