Lake Travis Boat Rentals

We May Specialize In Bachelor/Bachelorette Pary Boats, But That’s Not All We Do!

Lake Travis is well known for ragers in Devil’s Cove and bachelor/bachelorette parties, but because of our profession, we intimately know the other side of boat rentals on Lake Travis. Don’t let our company name fool you, our luxury fleet is also chartered for tender family moments, corporate events, and even fishing outings.

Below are just a few memorable boat rental experiences that we are honored to experience alongside our guests. We love a good party on Lake Travis, but we are so much more than that.


Whether a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, we love taking families out on the water. When you rent with us, all boats come with an experienced captain, and each one knows Lake Travis thoroughly, especially the more private coves that most aren’t even aware of.

Did you know that you can sometimes spot cattle, deer, raccoons, hawks, alligator gar, catfish, and tons of native critters if you know where to look (which we do)? And did you know that all of our boats come with lily pads so you don’t have to wade endlessly in the open waters?

family posing together on a Lake Travis boat rental from Lone Star Party Boats Lake Travis


One of the most powerful experiences we have ever had is our clients scattering ashes on Lake Travis. We’ve taken many families out for a beautiful peaceful goodbye in the Hill Country waters, and we are so deeply moved every time.

Texas law allows the scattering of ashes over a public waterway, and we have ample experience helping families with this intimate moment. We have also taken groups out on the water who instead of spreading ashes, say goodbye privately in a peaceful setting.

boat rental testimonial from Austin Dal Molin

Fishing Boat Rentals

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking to catch a few fish, we know all of the best spots on Lake Travis – in fact, our captains are all fanatic anglers! 

We monitor lake conditions professionally and can take your group to the perfect spots, and we are even prepared to captain you to practice for future competitions.

A Lake Travis fishing boat rental should make your fishing trip easier, not cumbersome, so let us do the heavy lifting of navigation, monitoring, and safety.

Foodie Days

One of the most creative ways to enjoy Lake Travis is hopping from a brewery to a distillery to a local BBQ joint for the best food and drink in the area. Make bingo cards for your group, or even scavenger hunts – there are so many venues to bounce around here and we know the best ones!

testimonial from Helen Elstob about hanging out and swimming with a boat rental from Lone Star Party Boats Lake Travis

Lake Travis Tours

Take a tour of Lake Travis and see some of the most beautiful views the lake has to offer.

Our experienced boat captains will take you to some of the most popular spots on the lake and can even offer information about each area, including:

  • the famous Lake Travis zipline
  • The Oasis
  • the cliffs out at Pace Bend (or “Paleface” as us natives still call it)
  • Hippie Hollow (the clothing optional beach)
  • Cow Creek
  • Sometimes Island

We’ll make sure you have a good time.

testimonial from Patrick Marinelli about the Lake Travis tour boat rental from Lone Star Party Boats Lake Travis

Child-friendly Outings

We are well known for catering to a family-friendly crowd in an industry that ignores doing just that. Why? We all have our own families and know how tough it can be!

We offer a professional, safe experience which we take very seriously – our founder used to be a Firefighter/EMT so there is no room for error when we’re on the waters. Further, we are familiar with the spots that are the most family-friendly for a fun day, like Arkansas Bend Park which has recently been updated so there are really nice picnic tables, playgrounds, restrooms, grills, and fishing spots.

If you have a group of people and want to get out on the water for any reason, rent a boat with Lone Star Party Boats Lake Travis! We’ve seen it all and are known for offering a pristinely professional experience. We tend to every single detail from luxury flooring to top-of-the-line sound systems, and we offer the broadest diversity of experiences on Lake Travis. We’d love to take you out for a great time on the water soon!

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