Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis

The Ultimate Party Boat Experience

If you’ve ever heard someone bragging about partying on Lake Travis, they were talking about Devil’s Cove. It’s globally famous for being a party hotspot where boats of all sorts head out, tie up to each other, and turn up.

Devil’s Cove is the most memorable part of Lake Travis as the hotspot not only for all warm weather weekends and holidays (especially the 4th of July!), but for bachelor and bachelorette parties, family gatherings, and even corporate events. Just imagine 200 boats tied up to one another filled with friendly people having a good time dancing, tanning, and swimming.

At the cove’s deepest point, it’s nearly 60 feet deep, so jumping off of a second story pontoon boat or sliding down a massive slide is no problem.

It used to be that 6th Street was the hottest party spot in Austin, but for many years, it has been Devil’s Cove. So get your six-pack or dad bod ready for an unforgettable trip to Devil’s Cove!

a Party Boat Is Essential for Going Out to Devil’s Cove

Party boats at Devil's Cove on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.

Do you know how to properly tie up with other boats? Or the right spots to drop an anchor in Devils Cove without getting it stuck? If not, don’t worry we’re experts! Our drivers have done hundreds if not thousands of charters and will make your day stress-free and unforgettable!

Even if you already know all of that, you also know that you can’t captain a boat and worry about all of the details if you want to focus on actually participating in the party and having a great time.

The only way to go is a party boat rental, but you also don’t want some creepy sea captain muttering shanties and drinking cheap rum ruining the vibe. That’s where Lone Star Party Boats comes in – you can soak up the sun and focus on the party, not the boat.

We provide a professional captain focused on your safety that will add to the Lake Travis party feel instead of take away from it. You want a special day, and we’re the experts at providing that – we’ve taken thousands of folks down to Devil’s Cove in Austin, Texas.

Our fleet of boats are all clean (which isn’t common for Lake Travis boat rental companies), we have amazing sound systems that slap, life vests in case you’re nervous about your swimming skills but still want to get in on the fun, huge ice chests for your drinks and snacks, and fun captains who know all of the other secret spots if you want to ditch Devil’s Cove and have a more private party after the crowds.

We know the area like the back of our hands, so when your water party is over, we can take you to shore for restaurants the locals prefer, zip-lining excursions, lodging, and more!

Choose Us for Your Party Boat to Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis

Check out our prices and information page or give us a call at (512) 400-4434.

We’ll be happy to tell you all about our party boat rental services and what to expect when heading out on the water with us!

Plenty of Room to Mingle
Best Sound System on the Lake
Close to Downtown Austin
Professional Boat Captain