There is no such thing as a boat day that is silent unless fishing is involved, and back in the day we had to curate lists and prepare endlessly for a boat trip. Today, we have Spotify and Pandora, so we can always get the right vibes and set the right tone for a perfect day on the lake.

Music is extremely personal and is the fastest way to set a mood, on or off the water. Party boat songs are in their own class though, and most listeners’ tastes can be categorized into four groups: bangers, country, classic, or yacht rock.

We combed through hundreds of Spotify playlists to share our favorite party boat songs, and the most requested lists from our excursions.

Behold the top 1,659 boat songs to rock out to:

Boat Party 2023: Party Hits

This year’s easiest to grab party boat playlist, these songs are what’s hot this year.

Boat Party Bangers Music 2023

If you plan on hitting up Devil’s Cove and getting loud, this is THE list for that.

Yacht Rock

From Journey and Diana Ross to Steely Dan, this list has it all and is perfect for a multi-generational outing.

25 of the Best Boating Songs

While it’s the shortest playlist on our list, it’s pretty fricken’ good and just sounds like boating – Jimmy Buffett, Katy Perry, The Beach Boys, and Van Morrison? Yessir.

Boat Party Jamz

Okay look, we’ve invested in our sound systems more than any other fleet on the lake, so we absolutely love bass-heavy music – most systems fall flat, but we can bump so hard your sunglasses fall off.

Boating Country Music

From old to new, this list has it all: Johnny Cash to Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, it invokes the feeling of a hot summer day on the water.

Over 600 Boat Jams

If country music is what you’re looking for while floating on Lake Travis, this is the ultimate list. It’s diverse and classic, and they keep adding songs to it. We love it!

90s/00s Boat Jams

For some of us, a day in the sun isn’t complete without some Nsync and Britney or Ludacris yellin’ about Southern Hospitality (throw them ‘bows!!), so this is where we head on those days.

80s/90s Jams

And for others, the 80s and 90s are the sweet spot for a fun day, so this list is ready to scratch that itch!

Remixes & Mashups 2023

One of the more creative ways to enjoy music on the lake is with a list of remixes and mashups to keep it unexpected yet still familiar.

These are all Spotify playlists, but we also have Pandora on all of our boats, so you can tell us an artist and we can take it from there. But we find that today, most folks have a playlist ready, and we’re equipped for that.

We hope this list of playlists suits all of your needs, or gets you inspired to create your ultimate playlist of boat songs for your next outing on the water!