Y’all! We are so pumped to talk about delicious food today, it’s only our second favorite topic (after lake life)! There are so many Lake Travis restaurants to choose from, so we’ve narrowed it down for you, listing only the best places to eat on Lake Travis!

If you live in or ever visit the capital of Texas, you know food is one of the core components of the local culture, and whether your vibe is a craft brewery or a waterfront restaurant, Lake Travis has it!

The Oasis

Let’s start with the most obvious and just rip the bandaid off – you must consider The Oasis. It’s where Pop Pop is going to want to visit when the fam is in town because it has 800 million billion square feet (figuratively) of multi-story decks so you can watch the famous Lake Travis sunsets (and yes, clap at the sunset) while downing a mean margarita.

The food is marginally okay, but we’re going there for live music, or family time on the decks if we’re being honest.

But did you know locals actually prefer the OTXBC? It’s the Oasis Texas Brewing Company where you can still soak up great views of Lake Travis from the decks, but you’ll encounter a fewer tourists, and a few more badass drinks (if you don’t try the Meta IPA, what are you even doing with your life!?).

The second floor is the Barrel Room which has great drinks, and be sure to hunt for the little Willie Nelson mural to take a pic with! And since you’re in the parking lot, hit up the Anti Social Ice Cream Co, and order a got-danged ice cream flight. You heard me!

Shack 512

Shack 512 has gorgeous panoramic views of the lake, but this gem is only open during the spring and summer seasons, so schedule accordingly. Last time we went, we started with queso blanco that had guac in it, then dove mouth first into the Texas alfredo pasta (and umm, drank some more), then closed out with their “Lakeside Smores” which comes as the most fun kit you’ll see on the entire lake!

This spot is a little more upscale, so you can wear normal clothes, but lake gear is still welcomed.

Emerald Point Bar & Grill

If you’re not a yacht club type, you’re sunburnt, and you just want to roll up to a food joint with your boat and maybe hear some live music, Emerald Point Bar & Grill is your spot.

It’s a local staple and if you meet someone who grew up on Lake Travis, they probably worked there as a teen – way back in the day it was a Carlos & Charlie’s. Most of us that hit up this seasonal restaurant come for the okay food, really really good wings, but mostly the easy parking, chill vibe, and great views.

Canyon Grille

Canyon Grille is our favorite place to go when we’re in shorts but eating great food that definitely shouldn’t allow us in dressed like this. It’s fancy food with a come-as-you-are feel, and it’s on top of this gorgeous cliff that overlooks the Rough Hollow yacht club.

We love heading out on a Thursday for prime rib night, and even though they have half-price wine that night, I’m still going to chug a jalapeño-infused margarita, how about you?

Sundancer Grill

The cutest restaurant located on Lake Travis that is accessible by boat is the Sundancer Grill – it’s open for all seasons and is an adorable bistro. Head out for lunch, dinner, or brunch.

For brunch, it’s always hard to decide between their amazing eggs benedict or biscuits and gravy, but never difficult to pick the mimosa – they don’t skimp on the alcohol like others do! We have to tell you that the ideal dinner here starts with a frickin’ crab hushpuppies appetizer, and continues with either fried chicken and waffles with chili mac, or their ridiculous miso-glazed salmon salad. Either way, swig it down with their Sundancer margarita and you’ll thank the Universe for pointing your boat in this direction!

Best Dam BBQ Joint

If you’re in the Texas Hill Country, everyone will tell you to go to Salt Lick BBQ, and you should, but the most underrated barbeque near Lake Travis is actually the Best Dam BBQ Joint – all of their BBQ is amazing, but if you ate 100 of their Texas twinkies, died, and went to heaven, it would be worth it. Don’t know what that is? Oh, it’s just bacon-wrapped jalapenos crammed full of cream cheese and brisket, that’s all. Mmm.

The Grove

Is wine your game? The Grove is your jam – there are four in Austin and after you eat from the divine and surprisingly fresh charcuterie board (be still my beating heart filled with gorgonzola), the Lakeway location will be a repeat choice for you and the squad.

Seriously, the views of the rolling green hills are incredible and it’s a great spot for celebrations, especially when you throw in a handcrafted pizza, a beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes, or keep it light with their Cuban sandwich.


Take the whole fam out to the Lighthouse where you can be surrounded by limestone cliffs lined with cedar trees and beautiful estates while shoving your mouth full of either chicken fried chicken, spaghetti, or a bacon cheeseburger and sweet potato fries, all of which is made from scratch. It’s not common that lake dining doesn’t feature at least some frozen food, but not here!

Frontyard Brewing

Frontyard Brewing is a newer player on the scene, and they just opened a new taproom – this place is fun and is definitely one of the most photogenic spots to grab a bite near Lake Travis.

There are two food trucks out front and you’d better order that smoked pimento grilled cheese or you’ll never forgive yourself! But this place really is all about the beer, so we challenge you to muster some bravery and try the coffee milk stout, or fine, stick with the badass hazy IPA, either way, they’ll be so cold!

Lake Travis is a diverse community with a variety of restaurants with different styles of food and various atmospheres that will tap into whatever mood you and yours are in. The area celebrates the joyous and casual nature of the gorgeous hill country and offers far more than food as we bond over food and drink.

May your next night out be the fun and tasty time you deserve!