Let’s be honest – creating a memorable bachelorette party isn’t easy. It takes a lot of planning and attention to detail when you’re putting the squad together to honor the beautiful bride. But we’re giving you some of the shortcuts. Actually, all of the shortcuts!

Most guides for Austin bachelorette party ideas are outdated but not ours! The pandemic shut down a lot of this town and you might end up wasting time and get your heart set on something that isn’t possible. We’re here to fix that!

We’ve broken down this deep-dive into three sections for you – first are ideas that focus on the experience for a bachelorette weekend, then we’ll dig into ideas around food and drink, and lastly, we will showcase activities that keep you busy while filling your phones with tons of Instagram-worthy moments!

Austin Bachelorette Party Ideas That Focus on the Experience

Get Outside & On The Water

First up is Lake Travis, and boat rentals are the way to go. We’re biased, but we’ve built our professional lives around the frickin’ majesty of the clearest Lake in Texas.

We have hosted hundreds of bachelorette parties and to save you time, we have crafted guides on:

Because we’ve done the thinking for you, this one is a no-brainer with all of the best parts of a traditional bachelorette party experience – chill Austin vibes, lake water, drinking, music, and stunning photo ops.

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But Lake Travis isn’t the only hot spot on the water in these parts – Lake Austin (err, Lady Bird Lake) offers great kayaking or stand up paddleboarding where you’re nestled into nature with skyscrapers just beyond the trees. Further south is the town of San Marcos where you can float the Comal River and trust us when we say you’re going to want to bring your annoying cooler that has speakers (everyone else does).

Of course, there is always Barton Springs which is a natural spring that is the same chilly temp all year round, or Deep Eddy up the hill for a more pool-like experience. Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels has wakeboarding, wake surfing, kneeboarding, and wakeskating, even if you don’t have a boat. Plus, there is also paintballing, ax throwing, and a bar and restaurant on-site if you wanted to spend the whole day in one spot.

You could also hone in on the adrenaline rush and throw some axes at Class Axe or Urban Axes. Hosting a bachelorette party that makes the bachelors jealous is always fun.

The Hill Country is just GORGEOUS and has tons of great camping spots to consider, but be sure to add in a trip to Austin’s highest point, Mount Bonnell where you can imagine you’re ultra-rich and overlooking your multi-million dollar private homes just below (it’s fun).

Austin Texas Ghost Hunting

One experience that Austin has to offer is going ghost hunting, no joke. Get the gals together to be picked up in a hearse limo by Haunted ATX, Austin’s only mobile ghost tour. It’s creepy as hell and even if you don’t see a spirit, they’ll take you to some places where you’ll just feel the weird energy. Good luck, fellow weirdo!

Yoga...With Goats?!

What about Goat Yoga!? You’ve seen the pics on Instagram, and if you want to try it, Austin has what’s called GOGA, so tiny goats can bounce on you while you do the downward dog. Or you can hit up Sky Candy and drop in on an aerial arts class to keep it weird!

An Escape Room That Actually Isn’t Lame

Maybe an escape room should be on the itinerary! Project Panic is known for being less lame than some of the traditional escape rooms by involving puzzles and brain-twisters, not just dumb clues.

Movies at the Alamo Drafthouse

You’ve probably heard of Alamo Drafthouse and you could all go eat and drink while watching the latest release, but did you know they have special events? You can catch a “cereal party” which crams you full of unlimited cereal while watching an animated flick. You could start your bachelorette party day with a Brunch Screening, or if you’re stuck doing the event mid-week, catch a fringe genre screening on “Weird Wednesdays.”

Have Fun at Event Centers

Austin also has a lot of multi-fun centers to consider, and they’re family friendly in case you’re looking to include the kiddos for any portion of the event.

Pinballz offers classic arcade games, a VR arena, go karts, laser tag, mini-bowling, and bumper cars. Main Event has full sized bowling, rock climbing, new games, laser tag, and putt putt in the dark.

Even if you suck at golf, Topgolf is an amazing experience, or you can go old school to the Peter Pan mini-golf course that locals have enjoyed for several generations not just for golf but giant weird sculptures of Peter Pan, t-rex, and more.

Austin’s Best Museums

If history is your jam, go roam around the Blanton Museum of Art, the nearby Texas Memorial Museum, and LBJ Presidential Library, then take a tour at the Texas State Capitol, and nearby Bullock Texas State History Museum (plus there’s an IMAX theater there). Each cluster of sites here is within walking distance of each other, which is nice!

If you’re artsy-fartsy, check out:

All feature local artists using a diverse range of media, and an even more diverse array of styles.

Bachelorette Party Ideas That Focus on Food And/or Drink

South Congress

Spend your day on SoCo (South Congress)! It’s where the famous “I love you so much” mural is, plus badass tex mex at Gueros, karaoke at Ego’s, live music at the famous Continental Club, and shopping at boutiques like the one in the South Congress Hotel.

Here’s a robust list of everything on SoCo that could fill your weekend. It’s one of the best ways to have a very Austin-y experience!

The Domain

Plan a weekend around everything that the swanky Domain has to offer!

Check out the Bakery Lorraine which has the best French-style handmade baked goods around, eat at Sway, an award-winning modern Thai restaurant, shop at Frye boots (you know the name), hit up Wonder Bar (which you’ve seen on Instagram for sure), or play games at Yard House while drankin’!

Here’s an insider’s list of things to do at this section of The Domain.

All The Best Food Trucks

Did you know you could spend an entire weekend food truck hopping!?

You could start with breakfast tacos at Veracruz All Natural, then the most amazing grilled cheese lunch you’ve ever had at Burro Cheese Kitchen, and dinner at Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ (which some locals would argue to the death is the best in town).

That doesn’t even cover half of the badass options around town, so here are the top 25 food trucks in Austin.

The Texas Hill Country

If you want to make time for alcohol but don’t want to pass out in your own puke on 6th street, the Hill Country has tons of wineries and breweries you can tour!

You can arrange a wine tour by limo or sample wines with an expert tour guide. ATXCursions offers a learning tour while you sample local breweries’ offerings, the experts at City Brew Tours have crafted a self-guided tour so you can go at your own pace, or you can plan your own based on the bajillion breweries around town!

Alternatively, you can always hit up the brunch bus or include a guided bar crawl into the mix!

Visit Austin’s Newest Bars and Restaurants

A lot of bars and restaurants were permanently shut down during the pandemic, but did you know that lots of new restaurants are opening now?

You could focus on supporting new local restaurants by food hopping at:

There are dozens more new restaurant openings featured here.