bachelorette party on a boat on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas

Throwing a bachelorette party is a complex undertaking, but we have a huge secret that only the best hosts know – throwing a bachelorette boat party on a chartered party barge can save you time, money, and a hell of a lot of hassle.

Plus, with all of the right bride gang gear in tow, Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, will make all of your “I Do Crew” pictures completely Instagram-worthy!

Think about it – you already have a designated driver for the party who knows exactly where to take you, and the party doesn’t stop even after you’ve reached your destination.

Ready to stop searching for bachelorette party boat ideas and instead get ready to get out on the water? We’ll help you to get your prep list in order. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Set Your Bachelorette Party Theme

Although you’ll be taking care of the logistics, make sure to ask your bride for input on the theme in case she was hoping for a princess theme or a stripper theme (no judgment). From there, you can go anywhere.

The most popular themes right now are nautical bachelorette parties (one last sail before the veil!), girl gang-themed soirees, “last fling before the ring,” themes based on colors, and of course, 90s themed parties.

2. Book Your Date + Send Out the Invitations

Check availability for our party boat rental options (we even have double-decker pontoon boats), and snag a spot – some seasons are busier than others, so make this a first step.

Once the date is set, send out print invitations. Yes, you’ll email everyone and coordinate, but the printed invitations are a keepsake for the bride, and it’s not ultra-expensive since you’re only sending out a handful. Vistaprint and Zazzle are inexpensive options or you can literally just go to the nearby Walgreens.

Obviously, don’t forget to include the time, date, location, theme, and your contact info on each invitation. Bonus points for setting expectations (letting them know they’ll need a bathing suit, towel, etc.).

3. Oh Yeah, It’s Swag Time

Once you have an idea of how many people will be on the last sail before the veil, it’s swag time! You’ll want to order this in advance and some of it takes time, so no procrastinating on this portion of the planning.

We have a pro tip for you – Etsy has an entire Bachelorette Swag section with tons of customizables and cute things, so instead of poking around all over the internet, save time and support an indie business.

Here are some of the things you can snag there for a good time:

  • Customized temporary tattoos
  • Cute sunglasses with your theme printed on the side
  • Printed koozies or towels
  • Paper and canvas bags with your design on ‘em
  • Personalized water bottles
  • Hangover kits
  • Even some wiener-shaped stuff

Don’t feel pressured to buy everything, just keep it simple and think about what will look good in the pictures.

Speaking of pictures, if it’s in the budget, you can hire a drone photographer to shoot part of the event so you can pretend you’re in a music video, plus impress your bride (and everyone else) for eternity. Bonus points if you keep this part as a surprise.

4. What We Provide & What You’ll Need to Bring

We provide:

  • Professional party boat captains on every trip
  • Lily Pad and an ice chest on every boat
  • Plenty of space and shaded areas (plus, bathrooms on the boats)
  • Amazing sound system
  • Jump-off platforms and slides
  • First aid kit on all boats

Our fleet of boats are all clean (which isn’t common of Lake Travis boat rental companies), we have amazing sound systems that slap, life vests in case you’re nervous about your swimming skills but still want to get in on the fun, huge ice chests for your drinks and snacks, and fun captains who know all of the other secret spots if you want to head out to the famous Devil’s Cove, or opt for a more private party after the crowds.

What you’ll definitely need to bring:

  • Your song playlist (or we can set a Spotify channel for you)
  • Drinks and food (think light – we see more fruits and snack bites than charcuterie boards at these events)
  • Swimming gear (bring water shoes if you plan on cliff jumping)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (or they combine them now!)
  • Towels, duh
  • Hats and sunglasses (if they’re not part of your swag kits)

Bachelorette parties are now legally required (not really) to have trendy floaties and while we have a giant Lily Pad on every boat, pictures are obviously important, so here are some to check out (you could also get each attendee a different one):

5. The Details Others Miss, but You Won’t

Your bachelorette boat party is going to be amazing, we just know it, and we’ll do our part to keep everyone safe and focused on having a great time. It will also be awesome because you think of all of the little details.

  • You’ll make sure everyone knows exactly where to park and that they shouldn’t bring heavy bags because you have to walk down the marina.
  • You’ll make sure that anyone that is drunk takes an Uber home instead of their car.
  • You’ll ensure that everyone remembers to keep their phones in their bags instead of lying around or sinking to the bottom of Lake Travis.
  • Everyone will look phenomenal in the pics because you’re carefully crafting memories for your friend (and you secretly want these pics to be more memorable than the wedding shots – we won’t tell anyone).
  • You’ll make sure everyone picks up their trash after the party is over and you’ll make sure the tape from the banners isn’t left behind.
  • You’ll delete the pics of Samantha puking on the dock (again – why do you do this every time, Sam!?) because she’s annoying, but you’re thoughtful.
We see you, you’re out there putting together this tremendously kind party for your bride gang, and you’re putting in the effort. It will be worth it. You’ve got this!