With 271 miles of shoreline, Lake Travis is not only the ultimate weekend destination, but day tripping year round. The Texas Hill Country offers endless access to nature, fun pub crawls, golf courses, and so much more. Let’s dig into what to do around here!

1. Fun on Lake Travis

Obviously, the best thing to do on Lake Travis is to literally get on the lake! Rent a boat, some jet skis, or better yet, snag a party barge (shameless plug – we have the cleanest, most professional boat rental fleet in town), and head out to Devil’s Cove for an unforgettable fiesta.

There’s no better view than cliff jumping on Lake Travis into the crystal clear blue waters – it’s a serious rush! Some spots are up to 20 stories high, so bring your water shoes (trust us on this one).

If alcohol sounds fun, hit up nearby Flat Creek Estate Winery, Stone House Vineyard, or we can take you on an epic pub crawl and float up to all of the floating bars (and be your designated driver at the same time), just ask!

Krause Springs in Texas

2. Locals’ Secret Spot: Krause Springs

Okay, our friends might be mad that we’re sharing this with you, but when we’ve already spent every weekend on the lake, we head out to Krause Springs, just west on the Colorado River. It’s this amazing family-owned forest with over 100 acres. They have campsites (even RV sites), dozens of natural springs, and stunning waterfalls.

Don’t miss the amazing rock pool filled by a natural spring, featuring a limestone diving board.

You can finally fling yourself off of a giant rope, butterfly gardens, giant trees growing right out of the water – seriously, the beauty of Krause Springs is surreal!

3. Ziplining and a Ninja Warrior Course on the Lake

If relaxing isn’t on the menu and you’re still chasing that adrenaline, the fastest, longest (2,800 feet!) zipline in the state is right here on LT. When you book at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, you get a 3-hour guided tour so you can pretend to be Superman, living his best life, flying over the lake. There’s a private beach so you can take a break or end your day in their picture-perfect hammocks.

Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is basically a 600-foot ninja warrior course on the lake where you can flip, flop, slip, slide, and jump from stories high on to the biggest floaty setup you’ve ever seen. Ever. Sure, there is an on-site food truck and a cabana bar, but let’s focus on the fact that you can pretend to be a ridiculous jumping superhero for a day!

4. Get Your Buns Out to the Waterpark

Beachside Billy’s is the big waterpark and resort on Volente Beach, and one of the most kid-friendly parts of Lake Travis (but don’t worry, there’s a swim-up tiki bar). There are tons of waterslides, pools for kiddos, a lazy river, water features, an actual restaurant, private beach, and volleyball courts. Whatever your favorite part of water is, this place has got it.

5. Golf Courses Galore

You would think that lake water is what fills the veins of nearby Lakeway residents, but the truth is that it’s actually golf. Decades ago, we were actually the golfing capital of the world (thanks for stealing our crown, Florida)!

There are so many stunning and famous golf courses here and there are tournaments going on all the time. Whether you’re a pro golfer or want to give it a shot for the first time, visiting the top quality golf courses in the Lake Travis area will help you to quickly understand why it’s so green everywhere here! Our personal preference is The Hills of Lakeway Golf & Country Club (aka “The Hills”).

live music being played at sxsw in austin texas

6. Live Music is Always Going Down

Part of the entire lake vibe is live music! There’s nothing like soaking up the sun all day and watching the sunset to some amazing local and national bands – they all come to the lake.

The Oasis Texas Brewing Company isn’t just the place for clapping at sunsets – they always have some sort of live music going on (on multiple stages) and there is literally no better view of LT anywhere.

If you want to pull up on a boat, Emerald Point has great food and some cool musical acts that pop in (yo check it – Vanilla Ice was there this summer)!

The Gnarly Gar is completely floating, and they have live music on the weekends, but what you need to know is they’re also literally a fuel spot, so you can multitask!

7. Get Into Nature, Y’all!

The Texas Hill Country is famous for limestone hills, endless cedar trees, and the Highland Lakes. You can bump into cool critters like brown squirrels, tons of birds, ducks, and you might even see tons of others from a distance that want nothing to do with you (coyotes, foxes, raccoons).

If you’re looking for a proper hike, head out to the River Place Trails for six miles of gorgeous hill country views. There are trails built specifically for this purpose so you don’t have to stray into random woods.

For a more rugged park, head out to Tom Hughes Park which is less trafficked since it’s not a formal trail, rather a park for picnicking that has some more steep features – great for those that blaze their own path.

Here are all of the state parks on the lake, but a word of warning about Hippie Hollow – it’s famous for being a nude beach, but… how do we say this kindly? Uh… it’s not the nudity you actually want to see, so instead, maybe take your top off in Cancun next time you travel?

8. Obviously, Go Fishing!

Lake Travis is known best for catfish, followed by bass and sunfish, but the ecosystem here is wild – you’ll find giant alligator gar and even some rainbow trout. If you’re a novice fisher, there are tons of great tips on getting started (or just hire a guide). Lots of the marinas let you fish right off of the dock and they sell bait, so they are another shortcut for getting started.

If you’re a veteran angler, head on over to the state’s Current Fishing Report to learn lake levels, what’s biting this month, what they’re attracted to, and where to find them. Here are all of the maps you’ll need. You know the rest.

group of corporate colleagues posing for a photo on a party boat

The Takeaway

Lake Travis is nestled into the most beautiful part of Texas, and there are abundant opportunities to make memories and have fun on the water and on the shore. Grab your sunscreen and jug of water – we’ll see you around!