Bachelor parties have changed, y’all

Did you know that bachelor parties date back to 500 BC when Spartans toasted the groom’s final night as a single man? You probably know they’re called “stag parties” by Brits, but did you know Australians call it a buck party or that in South Africa, it’s actually a surprise party a few days before the wedding?

The French have the grimmest view on the event, calling it an enterrement de vie de garçon, which literally translates to “burial/funeral of the life as a bachelor.” Damn, France.

Obviously here, we call it a bachelor party and in the past two decades, the tradition has morphed from a Hangover style wild night of excess and self-destruction. Today, it’s more about having a meaningful and memorable night or weekend with friends to celebrate (rather than mourn (again, damn, France!)).

In Austin, Texas, there is a diversity of bachelor party destinations to include in any high-quality bachelor party. Sure, you can toss in some strip club boobies and bottle service at some point, but let’s talk about all of the ways you can enjoy time with friends in town.

Austin Bachelor Party Ideas, The Drinking Edition

If you want to have the classic party in Austin experience, just head straight down to 6th Street. Line up your designated driver, drown yourself in body spray, and go get lit to the loudest DJ or live band you can find.

Bar hopping is a definite must for this option. And if you can schedule it during the school year, there will be more college students around (trust us, you don’t want to go when it’s empty or filled with… your parents).

If Sixth Street isn’t your scene, Rainey Street is lined with cool, smaller bars with creative food, drinks, and cool dog-friendly patios. You can still catch live music, but you’re more likely to snag some craft beer and bump into chill people in this zone.

Parking sucks, so definitely line up a ridesharing option. Here’s a great guide about all of the bars in that area.

No matter where you end up, make sure to add Kung Fu Saloon to your list of places to hit up – unless you’re scared that your vintage video games or Skee-Ball skills can’t measure up (especially while you’re downing some hoppy IPA). There are two locations – one downtown, and one near the Domain in north Austin.

Maybe a different pace for you and the boys (and girls, let’s be honest, bachelor parties aren’t just for the dudes anymore) is The White Horse – it’s this funky honky-tonk on the East side that swears there is no line dancing. There’s also an actually good taco truck outside to soak up all the damage you’ll do with beer to your insides (get it?).

Although Austin has endless options for drinking (we swear we don’t have a problem!), one that is wholly worth considering is a day touring the Austin breweries – there are SO many. Tour guides line up the day for you and tickets pay for all of the beer and transportation; it’s a pretty great setup for lazy Best Men who want to click a button and have someone else take care of almost everything.

Bachelor Party Ideas, The Texas Hill Country Edition

The Texas hill country is famous for granite and limestone hills, cedar trees, and maybe a raccoon or two that will steal your food and hiss at you.

Day hiking trips are increasingly popular for bachelor parties because not everyone is cut out for booze, and some of us just want to see some nature and indulge in some edibles (umm, the legal CBD ones, of course).

Consider the ridiculously photogenic and easy to hike Hamilton Pool Preserve or the giant Enchanted Rock which is granite hills and rock climbing for days. Many parks now require reservations in advance, so don’t just show up, or your day will be ruined.

Our favorite option is a day or night bachelor party on Lake Travis – we recommend Devil’s Cove and we know it like the back of our hand.

Obviously, we’re biased, but we’ve built our entire business around creating badass memories for you and your friends. Our boat rental fleet is one of the best quality on the lake, we have amazing sound systems, Lily Pads on each boat, plus a professional captain that has both legs and doesn’t even own a parrot. You bring the beer and playlist, we bring the fun.

Don’t wait on this option either – we fill up quickly since we’re the best in the biz, so check availability and book now!

people partying at devils code at lake travis with several party boats tied together

Lake Austin is another appealing part of the Hill Country, and we love renting kayaks or stand up paddleboards and spending an afternoon exploring – it’s a wild feeling of being fully immersed in nature yet just beyond the trees are massive skyscrapers. We like The Rowing Dock because parking is easy and you can head down to Red Bud Isle easier than other rental options, which is especially fun if the dogs are in tow (it’s a leash free park!).

Finally, your squad can always spend a day at Barton Springs Pool – it’s this huge swimming hole with natural limestone on the bottom, filled by natural springs, and umm it’s naturally topless for both genders which can be neat. They say it’s 68 degrees year-round (which has been contested), but it’s definitely always cold.

And if it’s too full, you can always try Deep Eddy nearby which is the same springs system and is a more traditional looking pool. Both are ultra inexpensive, cold, and super memorable. There are plenty of food trucks between the two to scope out.

There are a billion phenomenal BBQ spots in Austin to finish out your day hiking, but make a trip of it and head out to Salt Lick in Driftwood – it’s world famous, and one bite of your sauce will help you understand why some local college freshmen eat white bread and Salt Lick sauce when funds dry up. It’s a pilgrimage that all proper Texans have taken, so it’s worth putting on the list.

There are other locations, but we’ll hate you forever if you don’t go to the OG spot. Trust us on this one.

Austin Bachelor Party, The Adventure Edition

Okay look – if you ain’t first, you’re last. At least according to Talladega Nights.

If you’re hoping to put together a bachelor party that is the most badass, you’re going to want to consider spending all of your time at COTA (Circuit of The Americas). Austin has a proper F1 racetrack and always has tons of events going on – yes, NASCAR and F1 racing comes to visit, but so do huge musicians that host massive concerts.

Plus you can go COTA Karting – who doesn’t want to rock out going 55 frickin’ miles per hour in a tiny go-kart!?

If you’re not in the mood to just look at cool cars, why not rent a Lambo, McLaren, Hellcat, Mercedes AMG GT R, or a Ferrari? You can do a ride-along or actually get behind the wheel and burn rubber on the wild Driveway Austin Racetrack. I don’t know why we didn’t list this as the literal first option on this entire list, but it would be one hell of a cool day for everyone involved!

Does driving 80 million billion mph sound like a bit much? You can still be cool and memorable and get the adrenaline pumping by throwing axes! Urban Axes is the most popular range in town, but there are other up and coming options like High 5 (which has tons of other stuff like bowling and Topgolf), or Southern Trails (which also offers archery and horseback riding).

No matter which path you choose - drinking, bonding in nature, or getting your adrenaline spiked, this is going to be a bachelor party for the ages. Have fun!