Every parent loves having 10 screaming children running all over their house getting into the liquor and medicine cabinets, falling down stairs, and screaming so loudly that the neighbors call the cops, right? Oh, you don’t?

If you’re a parent considering options for your child’s next birthday party, we highly recommend corralling friends and family into one spot and hosting a kid’s birthday party boat on Lake Travis!

One with a captain so you don’t have to research which cove has water this time of year, where the nude beach is (oops), or how to operate an anchor – we have an entire fleet of boat rentals you can choose from in Austin, Texas, with the highest quality customer service you’ll find in town (even when your child’s awful friend calls the captain a fart (it happens)).

friends and family gathered for a group photo on a party boat during a kids birthday party

Our Luxurious Party Boats Aren’t Just for Adults!

Every boat in our luxury fleet comes with a massive Lily Pad so the kids can float on the water – it’s especially helpful for the more timid swimmers. Our party boat options are all fully upgraded and parties include extremely powerful sound systems, so bring your playlist because we’re happy to endure a few hours of BTS, KidzBop, or “No Swearing Pop Songs for Kids” playlist on Spotify. We can take it if you can!

You can pick from a single story party boat, or a double-decker party barge with slides – we have fabulous options and we keep our high-quality fleet maintained extremely well and cleaned routinely. We don’t even allow smoking on our boats, whether it’s a bachelor party or a kid’s party.

A day on the lake having a good time with a private party sure beats having to wrangle hyper kids and clean up after them at your house (and of course, Kevin will always find a way to wander off into your bedroom closet for some reason, that little weirdo).

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group photo of a family having their kids birthday party on a party boat on lake travis

A Kids Party Boat That Makes Everyone’s Day Easy & Enjoyable

All of our party boats have an oversized ice chest, so you won’t have to lug that from the car to the dock, just grab some ice on the way (we recommend the nearby Shamrock station), bring a bag of snacks and drinks, and don’t worry about bringing any trash bags – we’ve got that on deck, too.

We have life jackets on every craft, but you’ll want to make sure any children that have special needs are considered in advance – but other parents will probably tell you that despite Kimmy being in 6th grade, she still needs to wear a life jacket AND arm floaties, or she’ll flip out. It’s worth considering in advance.

Be sure to keep the kids hydrated with tons of water, and don’t forget that sunscreen because the last thing you need is annoying Kimmy’s equally annoying parents barking about a sunburn.

Instead of investing in streamers and ridiculously expensive balloon displays and photobooths at your house, snag some fun party favors like water launchers and temporary tattoos (they’re typically water-resistant and you can find some pretty cool customizable ones on Etsy if you want them to have your child’s face on them or something creative like that).

Bring extra towels (someone’s going to forget theirs for sure), and a bag of some essentials like hats and hair ties. With us, a kid’s boat party is meant to be simple – the lake is the feature, and a fancy boat will not soon be forgotten by your kiddo.

Take a look at our party boats – there’s one that’s perfect for your kid’s next birthday party on Lake Travis in Austin, TX.