We’re all sick of Zoom, let’s face it. Working from home is fantastic because we’re all wearing pajama bottoms, and having face time with the pets is amazing.

But we’re all disconnected. And some of us are still nervous about going out while there is still a global pandemic going on.

One way to reconnect meaningfully is to throw a small boat party with just your close friends. And if you’re in central Texas, Lake Travis is the most beautiful spot for a casual gathering.

Small group of friends having a small boat party on Lake Travis

You may think of a Lake Travis party boat and imagine skinny 20-somethings in swimwear chugging beer, but you’d be surprised to learn that a growing number of our clients are just normal adult humans that are sick of being in the house.

Imagine bringing a few coolers of beer, mead, or wine, and some cheese platters neatly wrapped up, and maybe some proteins like BBQ or classy chicken breasts, while you and your crew are wearing normal clothes, and being driven around Lake Travis to reconnect with nature while reconnecting with each other.

If you’ve never been, it’s one of the cleanest lakes in all of Texas, with limestone cliffs, cedar trees, and in certain parts of Lake Travis, you can see all sorts of fish in the water and wildlife on the shores, not to mention the famous sunsets.

You don’t have to wait until it’s hot outside, and you don’t have to get in the water – we take people like you out on the water for endless reasons, including no reason at all other than being with fellow humans.

pearl snap party pontoon at lone star party boats lake travis

Here’s Some Tips to Help You Get Started

  1. Set a budget (for snacks, drinks, and a boat rental), decide if you’re paying or splitting the bill, pick a date, send invitations to your close friends, and reserve one of the boats in our fleet that meets your needs.

    Unlike other fleets on Lake Travis, ours are actually clean (we’re obsessed with that), and we’ve thought of all the details down to having a first aid kit on board (can you believe others tell YOU to bring that!?).
  2. You can pick a theme and make it a party, or you can simply use the excuse that nature is calling you all back out, and it’s time to go chill and sit on a boat or barge and get some fresh air for once, while catching up with pals. We’ve all seen each other on Zoom, but we all know that nothing beats the vibe of in-person connections.
  3. Let’s not ignore the fact that we’re still living through a pandemic, so how are we seeing folks handle that? Simple: It has become culturally acceptable to agree on ground rules for a small get together of this nature – some folks agree that everyone should first be vaccinated, others agree that all should be boosted, and others simply leave it up to each individual.

Whether it’s a sunset cruise or a weekend afternoon floating and reconnecting, let us do all of the heavy lifting, and just come enjoy some simple, casual time reconnecting with your friends and/or family.