There are so many fun things to do in Austin, but ask anyone who has lived here for more than a year, and they’ll tell you the best part of the Texas Hill Country is spending a day on Lake Travis. It’s known as the cleanest lake in the State, where you can camp, hike, boat, zip line, eat amazing food, or have a fancy spa day. There’s something for everyone!

This historic lake can hold nearly 627 BILLION gallons of water when it’s filled into its spillway elevation, and it isn’t actually a naturally occurring lake. It’s actually a reservoir built generations ago to deal with the Colorado River flooding since livestock and crops were repeatedly destroyed. Now it’s mostly a residential area, but there are still some farms and ranches that benefit.

Despite it being built purely for function, it’s now a destination for fun and relaxation, and we’ve got the inside details on the best way to spend a day on Lake Travis, so let’s go!

a romantic sunset at The Oasis in Lake Travis

1. The Sunset Capital of Texas

Did you know that The Oasis on Lake Travis is the self-appointed Sunset Capital of Texas? And guess what? Not one soul is going to argue – congrats, Oasis, you’re right! It’s this gorgeous, massive restaurant built on a huge cliff, so there are dozens of patios, all with sunset views of Lake Travis from on high.

When the sun slides past the hills and makes its last hurrah for the day, everyone claps and celebrates in unison – it’s pretty fun. The Oasis is a great place to end your day spent boating or fishing, and it’s a popular place locals take out-of-town visitors.

You can catch some live music, and enjoy locally brewed beer, their ice cream shop, and okay food (they do get picked on for their inconsistent food, but it barely matters given the setting).

2. Hit up the nude beach

Did you know that Lake Travis has a nude beach? Hippie Hollow has been a clothing-optional beach for decades, and while it’s not typically filled with young sexy folks, it can be fun for a day if you’re feeling daring.

But don’t get too daring – in 2004, a double-decker party barge sunk when the party all crowded to one side to see the nudity, throwing off the boat’s balance and flipping it over, straight to the bottom of a 60 foot deep part of the lake. Two people were injured. Woopsie.

The point is that if you want to see the nude beach from the water, keep the boat balanced.

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures in Travis County

3. Ride the longest zip line in Texas

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures is the longest and fastest zipline in all of Texas, and each booking comes with a 3-hour guided tour so you can fly over the lake for the most memorable views of Lake Travis possible.

You’ll also have access to their private beach for a break, or a post-zip nap in their photogenic hammocks. Take tons of pics, y’all!

aerial view of the Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures park

4. Get your a** outdoors, pal

There are a myriad of outdoor activities like hiking or camping in the numerous parks, or you can head out to explore the lesser known coves on Lake Travis (one even lets you peek at cattle and maybe some deer). Pace Bend Park is one of our faves, and it’s a popular spot with campers for a reason.

Try out the budding flying surfboard (eFoil) phenomenon here – Mark Zuckerberg went viral for doing it so that basically means that anyone can do it. Anyone. There’s even a company on Lake Travis that offers lessons.

Rent a kayak or stand up paddle board for an unforgettable Lake Travis day. If you’ve never done either before, don’t worry, they’re both a lot more stable than you’d think and you can get close to some cool nature that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is a 600-foot ninja warrior course on the lake, it’s no joke. There is an on-site food truck and a cabana bar, but we all know you’re in it for the ninja warrior practice – this is water sports at its finest.

Beachside Billy’s is a water park and resort on Volente Beach, and one of the most kid-friendly parts of Lake Travis (but worry not, there’s a swim-up tiki bar for the adults). There are waterslides, pools for kiddos, a lazy river to float, an actual restaurant, a private beach, and volleyball courts. Whatever your favorite part of the water is, you’ll find it here.

people partying at devils code at lake travis with several party boats tied together

5. We saved the best for last - rent a party boat!

Don’t forget – the best thing to do on Lake Travis for the most fun under the sun is to get on the actual water! Rent a pontoon boat, some jet skis, or better yet, snag a party barge (shameless plug – Lone Star Party Boats Lake Travis has the cleanest, most professional party boat fleet in town), and head out to Devil’s Cove for an unforgettable fiesta.

Some of the best ways to spend a day on LT are in small groups, with the kids and family, or even with your work family. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, y’all.

The best view of all is cliff jumping on Lake Travis into the deep waters – it’s an adrenaline rush! Some diving spots are up to 20 stories high, so bring your water shoes (trust us on this one, that slap is legit).

If alcohol sounds fun to you, hit up nearby Flat Creek Estate Winery, Stone House Vineyard, or we can always take you on an epic pub crawl and float up to all of the floating bars (and be your designated driver at the same time), just ask!

No matter which option you choose, Lake Travis is hands down the most fun you can have in all of central Texas!