friends smiling and cheersing their wineglasses together

During 2020, event planning has been going through a major evolution to adapt to changes in accordance with COVID-19. Luckily, there are still ways to safely celebrate with your inner circle of friends and family, without having to hold each celebration at your home.

These reasons to throw a bachelorette party on a boat exemplify why, now more than ever, the cool waters of your nearest lake are the best place to celebrate.

An Abundance of Privacy

With a party boat rental as your venue, you don’t have to worry about the annoyance of others. Whether it be people bumping into you, talking too loudly, or being otherwise obnoxious—those troubles are gone on the cool waters of your local lake.

Plus, given the state of the pandemic, standing around in a crowded club with a bunch of strangers probably isn’t too appealing. Luckily, on a boat, you have total privacy. You don’t have to talk over strangers, or bad music, to have a discussion with someone right beside you. A bachelorette party is for relaxing and having fun; not stressing out because the venue is disappointing or the stranger right next to you might have COVID.

A Lack of Volume Control

Thanks to the incredible privacy a party boat provides, you and your guests have the opportunity to be as loud as you want when it comes to talking and playing music. Plus, you get to choose the music instead of dealing with whatever the DJ considers being good.

Although having a private venue is nice because you don’t have to deal with the noise of others, we’re not suggesting you celebrate by talking to each other with inside voices. If you’re throwing the party correctly, there should be plenty of laughing, cheering, and excitement, none of which should be done through whispering. With a party boat, you can be as loud as you want without becoming the obnoxious people mentioned in the point above.

An Incredible View

Going to a local bar or nightclub is always a bachelorette party tradition. As fun as these venues are, they don’t provide the incredible view that bodies of water like Lake Travis do. The warm sun shining down and the cool waters surronding the boat create a beautiful view and serene atmosphere; both of which should be a priority for any bachelorette party. Many people have been spending a good chunk of this year at home, so any excuse to safely escape and take in the local scenery is one worth taking.

These three reasons to throw a bachelorette party on a boat perfectly encompass what makes these vehicles the perfect celebration venue. If you’re ready to rent a boat for your next Texas bachelorette party, Lone Star Party Boats is here to help. Using our Lake Travis boat rental for bachelorette party needs will help you have the private, relaxed, and fun time that the bride-to-be deserves.