A boat party is a ton of fun, but there are a few dangers that you need to be aware of when you are out with Lone Star Party Boats on Lake Travis. By bringing the necessary items and using your best judgment, you can have an unforgettable experience. Take note of these essential boat party safety tips listed below.

Stay Hydrated

A good time on a boat can easily become a bad time if you are not staying hydrated. If you are enjoying some alcoholic beverages on a boat, make sure you’re mixing in water as well.

It can be easy not to feel the effects of the alcoholic drinks when you are on a boat, but you will surely feel it once you get off. However, by staying hydrated throughout the party, you’ll feel a lot better afterward. Lone Star Party Boats doesn’t supply bottled water, so make sure you bring your own along with some ice.

Use Sunscreen

The next essential boat party safety tip is to make sure you are wearing sunscreen and reapplying throughout the day. You don’t want to run the risk of getting sunburnt or sun poisoning, and being on a boat all day is the perfect opportunity for it to happen.

While there is plenty of shade on the party barge, you will still want to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Wear a Flotation Device When Necessary

Boats are required to have an adequate amount of life vests on board in the event of an emergency. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to swim or is going tubing, then you will want to be wearing a flotation device.

Have a First Aid Kit on Board

You never know when you might need a first aid kit, and there are plenty of instances when it will come in handy. Ahead of the boat party, be sure to ask if there is a first aid kit to ensure that an injury, such as a cut, can be treated.

Watch the Weather

The heat isn’t the only kind of weather you will want to be wary of. Before you go out on the water, make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast, as storms can dictate whether it’s safe or not to go out. If there is a cancellation on the day of your rental due to the weather, Lone Star Party Boats will give you a full refund.