Between the incredible views you can enjoy and the immense privacy you’ll have, there are few reasons not to celebrate a birthday on a boat.

Throwing a birthday party can be as easy as having everyone stop by your place. That said, it can also be so much more than that. Given the state of the pandemic, throwing a party is trickier than it used to be. Luckily, party boats give you the perfect place to celebrate outdoors and away from strangers.

These reasons to celebrate a birthday on a boat will provide you with the ideal opportunity to make this special occasion truly live up to that word “special.”

Eat and Drink What You Want

Instead of settling for what a bar or restaurant is serving, plan your own menu. On a boat, you can bring along the booze and food of your choice. Suffice it to say, lousy food and overly expensive drinks can diminish the fun of a good party. However, if you’re renting the boat, always research the rental company’s food and drink policies.

They’ll typically let you bring a wide variety of snacks and beverages, though there will definitely be some restrictions. Don’t worry—despite the limitations, you’ll still have a healthy amount of control over the event’s menu.

Have a Designated Driver

Renting a boat from a professional service means you’ll have the benefit of a captain on board. It should go without saying, but drinking and driving is dangerous on land or sea.

You don’t have to worry about assigning yourself or a guest designated driver duties with a captain on board. In other words, anyone who wants to drink can do so without worrying about transportation. Drinking during your party is fine as long as you’re doing it responsibly.

Avoid Annoying Strangers

Out of all the reasons to celebrate a birthday on a boat, the biggest is the privacy it gives you. In fact, party boats give you the best of both worlds. They allow you a private place to party while still giving you somewhere away from home to celebrate.

Unfortunately, you run the risk of bumping into overly aggressive, loud, unsanitary, or otherwise annoying customers at many public venues. Plus, if you’re celebrating at a busy venue, the service may not be as responsive as it should be. On your own boat rental, these issues won’t have the power to diminish the fun and excitement of your big day.

Celebrate With an Intimate Venue

The guests at your party should include those closest to you. Aside from dodging annoying strangers, a party boat is a space that allows you to socialize and spend time with your friends and family. Trying to do this with loud music blasting or drunk strangers yelling can be irritating, but on a boat, you control the party atmosphere.

Plus, although it’s an intimate venue, party boats still allow you to find the perfect, gorgeous backdrop for your celebration. For example, when you take one of our party boats on Lake Travis, you party under the warm Texas sun with a stunning view of the surrounding area. Not only will guests be taking photos to celebrate, but they’ll be doing it with an incredible backdrop, too.