If you’re about to plan a trip to Austin, you may be wondering what the local nightlife is like, or what to do during your trip.

Even if you’ve researched which sights to see in Austin, you won’t want to miss these insider tips before you travel to Texas.

1. Best Time of Year to Travel to Austin

What time of year should you to travel to Austin, Texas?

Any time of year!

  • Summer is warm and perfect for outdoor concerts and water sports.
  • Autumn is mild and great for hiking.
  • In winter, film festivals and ice skating abound despite inclement weather.
  • Springtime is full of festival-goers and outdoor activities like swimming and boating.

If you ask the locals, the weather is best in the spring, when temperatures are warm but not hot, and the weather is at its most mild. But visit Austin any time of year and you’re sure to have a blast.

2. Don’t Miss Out On Local Austin Deals

If you’re wondering what to do in Austin, Texas, look no further.

Not only is there plenty to do during your trip, but you can capitalize on local deals even if you’re from out of state.

From free valet parking with your hotel stay to dinner deals and romantic date nights, Visit Austin has plenty of insider deals from which to choose.

3. Austin Has Waterfront Activities, Too

That’s right– you don’t have to travel far to experience waterfront fun in Austin, Texas. If you love to play in the water, plan a day in the sun at Lake Travis , just a leisurely 30-min drive outside the city.

The boating scene at Lake Travis is on-point, and party boat rentals can be surprisingly affordable. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, reserve a water slide for your day of fun.

4. Be Sure to Catch Live Concerts & Austin Texas Night Life

Wondering what to do in downtown Austin? Be sure to save time to sample the plethora of live concerts in the city.

Not only does downtown offer the best night life in Austin (and, some say, the entire country), but as the music center of the country, live music is everywhere.

So if you were wondering what to do in Austin at night, look no further. Music is part of the iconic experience of visiting Texas. You won’t want to miss it!

5. Camp at Lake Travis Texas If You Love the Great Outdoors

Are you more of an outdoor-lover than a party-goer? Well, we have good news: there’s plenty of camping, glamping, and everything in between near Lake Travis.

Book an RV or small cottage, or bring your own tent for a night full of campfires and s’mores.

Plus, the lakefront sunset can’t be beat, and if you’re the outdoorsy type, it’s bound to be the highlight of your trip.

6. Experience Austin’s Night Life with a Night Downtown

If you are the party-going type, the downtown Austin nightlife will definitely be your scene. With a choice of over 250 music venues, wine tasting, theaters, and a legendary bar scene, you have your pick of things to do in Austin at night.

Check out the Museum of the Weird, watch a movie while swimming in the historic Deep Eddy Pool, or take an evening bike tour around the city. No matter which you choose, you’ll get to experience the city’s neon side.

7. Don’t Miss the Party-Centric Devil’s Cove

Don’t finalize what to do in Austin during your trip without considering the iconic Devil’s Cove. The party hub of the area, Devil’s Cove is an infamous ‘local’s secret’ you won’t want to miss.

All the locals know that this is the place to be if you like a good party. The downtown Austin Texas night life has nothing on the party cove, so be sure to add this stop to your itinerary.

There are even guided tours of Devil’s Cove for anyone who wants to tour all the best spots.

If you’re planning waterfront activities, be sure to reserve your boat or watercraft early. This is a popular spot, and equipment sells out fast.