Knowing how to choose the right boat for your boat party isn’t as complicated as most people think (and definitely not as complex as most rental sites make it sound).

The first thing to consider is the size of your party or event. There’s a huge difference between a 12 person and 50 person event when it comes to boat capacity, so don’t even start making inquiries until you have an idea of the size first.

Once you know how big your event is, you can narrow things down.

two girls on the second deck of a party boat on Lake Travis

Is a Yacht the Same Thing as a Party Boat?

First, let’s dissect the party boat vs. yacht difference. A party boat is a single or double-decker, and in these parts, it’s typically a pontoon boat or party barge. Yachts aren’t really a thing in central Texas, and we’re nowhere near an ocean, so super yachts most definitely aren’t an option.

So at this point, you know how large your party is, and you’ll want to choose a party boat rental company.

Lake Travis can be pretty sketchy and is full of hobbyists. If you’re on a really tight budget and don’t mind getting on a houseboat that you didn’t know some creepy dude named Old Gregg lives in and occasionally suckers someone into renting for the day, you’ll be fine.

For this reason, it’s pretty easy for us at Lone Star Party Boats to stand out – our fleet of party boats is well known as being the highest quality on the lake, and our captains are all held to extremely high standards.

Here are 6 ways that boat rental companies rip people off (and of course our own pledge to reject all six tricks).

Tips for Renting a Party Boat

Whether you’re hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party, there are a few things you’ll want to consider from your rental company because in truth, you just want to have a great time:

  • What sound system do they have?
  • What safety features are on board?
  • Is the captain experienced? Do they even offer a captain?
  • What types of boats are available?
  • Can you book online?
  • What extras are offered by the company?

You’d be surprised how annoyed some companies will get if you even ask these questions – it’s a great litmus test.

As for Our Luxury Fleet:

1. Our party boats offer the best sound systems around – Wet Sounds is the brand most are equipped with. Hint: It’s the most expensive option on the market. We’re not playin’ around. Old Gregg’s 1997 2-speaker surround won’t cut it on Devil’s Cove, we promise.

2. All of our party boats have life jackets on board, first aid kits, and we take safety extremely seriously given that our company founder is a former firefighter and EMT.

3. Every captain at Lone Star is vetted and extremely professional. They’ve captained hundreds of charters in America and abroad. So if you’re picturing a drunk pirate, we’re not your company, pal.

4. We offer one of the largest fleets on Lake Travis, and it’s common to rent more than one for large parties – we definitely have experience with that (which is a good question to ask since many don’t and it takes extra logistics on our part). Pricing is available here, and descriptions of all of our party boats is here.

5. We highly recommend asking this question, because many are very old fashioned, disorganized, and unprofessional. You’ll call and talk to some angry lady who will write down your reservation on a sticky note and maybe remember it on the day of your event. All of our reservations are online so we all have a proper record of the details.

6. Extras we offer include:

  • Professional party boat captains on every trip
  • Lily Pad so multiple people can float on the lake
  • an ice chest on every boat
  • plenty of space and shaded areas
  • bathrooms on the boats
  • jump-off platforms and slides
  • first aid kits
  • the aforementioned badass sound systems
Choosing the right boat on Lake Travis is easy once you know the size of your party and have defined your standards. Good times are ahead on the water, and we look forward to hosting you and yours!