As you think of what to do this year for a Halloween party, get creative and consider hosting a Halloween boat party! Lone Star Party Boats has the most luxurious fleet on Lake Travis for you and your friends to have the most memorable Halloween ever.

The beauty of Halloween weekend in Texas is that it’s still warm outside – the average temperature on that weekend is 83 degrees fahrenheit. And the week prior? A toasty 86 degrees. But this year could be warmer, given that in the first week of Fall this year, we broke three digits.

And if Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit can host a Halloween party on a boat and sell tickets for October 22nd, you sure as hell can outdo him, amirite!?

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story,” said American literary academic, Mason Cooley.

If you’re looking to outdo last year, you know that the best Halloween party on a boat is well thought out and is about more than just what Halloween costume you’ll wear (although hosting a Halloween party on a boat opens up so many options that would feel awkward on land).

You know it’s all about being unique and fun, and in this case, maybe being even more scantily clad than a normal Halloween party (or overly clad, we’ll discuss options).

Want to know the pro tip of all time? The big secret?

Planning a Halloween boat party is very similar to planning a bachelor or bachelorette party – you’ll need to:

  • Pick a theme: We highly recommend a nautical zombie theme so people can dress up as a pirate or down as a bikini zombie.
  • Pick the date: Halloween is on a Monday this year which isn’t ideal, but the Friday and Saturday prior are a great option, but the weekend before that might get more RSVPs to say yes since plans won’t conflict.
  • Send invitations: We love digital invitations, even private event announcements on Facebook, so long as they have the relevant details (especially about whether or not someone can bring a guest – party boats are limited in size).
  • Plan to bring food and drinks (cold items work best for this type of event), sunscreen, bug spray, towels, hats, and sunglasses, and communicate the same to your guests.
  • Decorations: Even though you’re on a boat, you can still bring streamers and spooky dry ice, but make sure to add time to do tear down since reservations are often timed back to back.
  • Make sure guests know where to park and that they should keep phones in their bags so they don’t sink in the lake

This has been a tough few years with global health issues of the pandemic, so for your own personal health and mental health, a smaller gathering may still be appropriate, but why just gather in a room full of streamers? Step it up this year!

What WE Provide For Your Halloween Boat Party

  • Professional party boat captains on every trip
  • Lily Pad and an ice chest on every boat
  • Plenty of space and shaded areas (plus, bathrooms on the boats)
  • Amazing sound system
  • Jump-off platforms and slides
  • First aid kit on all boats

Our fleet of boats are all clean (which isn’t common of Lake Travis boat rental companies), we have amazing sound systems that slap, life vests in case you’re nervous about your swimming skills but still want to get in on the fun, huge ice chests for your drinks and snacks, and fun captains who know all of the other secret spots if you want to head out to the famous Devil’s Cove, or opt for a more private party after the crowds.

What YOU’LL Definitely Need to Bring

  • Your song playlist (or we can set a Spotify channel for you)
  • Drinks and food (think light – we see more fruits and snack bites than charcuterie boards at these events)
  • Swimming gear (bring water shoes if you plan on cliff jumping)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (or they combine them now!)
  • Towels, duh
  • Hats and sunglasses (if they’re not part of your swag kits)

This is your year, so why not bring your closest friends or family out to Lake Travis for a memorable, photo-worthy Halloween party? We’d love to host you and see what costumes y’all opt for!